Welcome! I’m Cynthia Menard, fiddle player, violinist and instructor. I’ve been playing the violin in a variety of styles for over 25 years, and am currently accepting students through the Fitchburg State University Community Music Lesson Program in Fitchburg, MA and at the Minor Chord’s music studio in Littleton, MA. I take my work seriously and expect my students to do the same, but I also believe that fun and enjoyment are important parts of learning.

What’s the difference between a violin and a fiddle?

How to schedule lessons

If you’d like to take lessons with me in Fitchburg you do NOT have to be a Fitchburg State student – the lesson program is open to the community. You can register for lessons online (scroll to the bottom of the Community Lesson Program page). Be sure to ask for me specifically as a teacher to ensure you get signed up as my student.

If you’d like to work with me at the Minor Chord in Littleton, you can register or schedule a trial lesson by contacting them directly at: 978-486-0112.



  • Personal best
  • Good hand position and body posture
  • Beautiful sound
  • Understanding of musical phrasing and structure of pieces
  • Understanding of musical terms
  • Respecting tempo and dynamic markings
  • Habit of regular practice
  • Highly developed ear for listening
  • Confidence in playing



  • Regular practice and dedicated work
  • Motivation to learn and listen
  • Respectful behavior towards the teacher and parent at lessons
  • Bringing instrument, music, and accessories to every lesson
  • Proper care of instrument and accessories