There is no set of standard books for all students. Books and music are selected for each student and take into account age, experience, learning style and goals.

Below is a selection of books and music that students may use:

Elementary/beginning students:

  • Maya Bang, Violin Method, Bks 1 & 2
  • Hohmann-Wohlfart, Beginning Methods, Bk 1
  • Barbara Berber, Solos for Young Violinists
  • Samuel Applebaum, First Position Etudes
  • J.L. Klim, One Step Through the Classics

Intermediate students:

  • Dancla, School of Mechanism for the Violin
  • Hrimaly, Scale Studies for the Violin
  • Sevcik, Shifting the Position & Preparatory Scale-Studies for the Violin
  • Sevcik, School of Bowing Techniques
  • Whistler, Preparing for Kreutzer
  • Whistler, Introducing the Positions
  • Kreutzer, Forty-two Studies or Caprices
  • Vivaldi, Concerto in A Minor for Violin
  • Seitz, Fifth Pupil’s Concerto for Violin and Piano
  • Handel, Sonata No. 4 for Violin and Piano
  • Dancla, Six Airs Variés for Violin and Piano

Non-Classical Work:

  • David Brody, The Fiddler’s Fakebook
  • Koser and Phillips, Bluegrass Fiddle Style
  • Craig Duncan, Master Fiddle Solo Collection
  • Miller and Perron, Irish Traditional Fiddle Music

How to schedule lessons

If you’d like to take lessons with me in Fitchburg you do NOT have to be a Fitchburg State student – the lesson program is open to the community. You can register for lessons online (scroll to the bottom of the Community Lesson Program page). Be sure to ask for me specifically as a teacher to ensure you get signed up as my student.

If you’d like to work with me at the Minor Chord in Littleton, you can register or schedule a trial lesson by contacting them directly at: 978-486-0112.